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The Philadelphia Riders web site is a collection of open source (free) software and some home grown scripts and components.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery is provided using Gallery. Gallery is a great piece of software that can be run by anyone with PHP available on their web server.

White Helmet Wiki

The White Helmet Wiki is provided using MediaWiki. If you've ever visited Wikipedia, you've used MediaWiki. We've modified the look of MediaWiki to match the PR site, but under the hood it's the same software.

News and For Sale Pages

The news pages leverage a technology called RSS. RSS allows sites such as Craigslist to provide a feed of links to information on their site. We've written some scripts to check these feeds hourly, new links are added to our site.

Discussion List

The discussion list is provided using Mailman. Mail man is a great software package for discussion mailing lists written in the Python porgramming language.

Main Site

The main site is delivered using a system called Catalyst. This is a system written in the Perl programming language.

The Updated Galleries, Updated Wiki Articles, and New Wiki Articles sections on the front page also use RSS as mentioned above. The Gallery software and MediaWiki also provide content feeds using RSS. We update these links every hour also.

Maintenance and Updates