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Hello all, how are you doing?

I like this community but till now was only reading around and got zero idea what I could do to contribute. Lastly I today came up with a great thought to contribute and make all users of eventually a little bit happier.

I like viewing movies and imagine every other member like viewing movies too, in particular the latest ones that are just showing up in the movie theater yet it is a pain in the ass to download them with torrents and also dangerous now a days (fu**ing US lows).

So I decided to create exclusively for you all a small simple web site where I will attempt to add all <a href=>new movie releases</a> which just appeared in movie theater for you so that you may directly download all of them from a high speed server with out the headache of searching, losing time with torrents or even risking your ass hehehe.

You for sure are already tired reading this (sorry, am a horrible writer) so simply go to and have a look around.

P.S. Not sure if posting this in the "/wiki/index.php/Talk:Main_Page" category was right? Anyway, Mod. hope you are fine with this post, if not please move it to the right category or simply delete it.

Take care