Second Sunday Introduction

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Second Sunday Introduction
Morgan Jones (

2nd Sunday varies from 1-2 people having breakfast and going home to 12-15 or more breaking up in to multiple groups.

Sometimes someone shows up with a map, other times somebody suggests a ride and everyone follows.

The official story is 8:30 if you want to eat breakfast with a 9:30-10 departure. That varies depending on the ride plans and how lazy everyone is feeling.

The rides sometime go until 10pm, but there is almost always a group that peels off earlier in order to get home in time for dinner.

We pretty much always leave the city, it tends on the spirited side but there are usually some slower and/or less experienced riders taking up the rear. You will never be chastised for being too slow but you'll probably hear about it if you ride beyond your abilities or endanger other riders.

We are *not* competitive any more than friendly jokes been people that know each other well. We have had newer riders hurt themselves because they felt they needed to keep up.. No one has ever complained about waiting for a slower rider. Having to call 911 on the other hand really screws up a ride.

The core group is close-knit and competent. There are a few very good riders that most of us know better than to try to match pace with.. Most of us are very passionate about motorcycles and riding.

In short: as long as you ride within your limits, like good food and want to actually ride you'll fit in well.

CW adds:

Rides occur year 'round, weather permitting. Weather has a big impact on the number of riders who show up, which can range from zero to over a dozen. Bigger groups tend to split up so it's not unweildy, often picking a meeting place for lunch. Nearly all rides begin with a quick shot out of town to some nice back roads. There is no de facto leader and anyone is open to suggest a route. People ride to their skill level.

Rides leave after breakfast, which varies depending on motivation level. Folks peel off as they see fit and as their time allows. I've been on a couple rides when I've returned home at 3 a.m. Usually it's more like 7 or 8 in the warm summer months.

It's all pretty informal, really, to the extent that I'm not anymore qualified to answer your questions than anyone else whose been on a Sunday ride.  ;-)

I've been going on these rides for about 10 years now and can safely say that the "character" of each ride depends on who goes, where it goes, when it goes, and can vary greatly.

That said, it's a good group of reasonable mature riders who enjoy the safe but spirited exploration of PA's back roads.