MotoGP Pool 2007

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2007 Philadelphia Riders MotoGP Pool

The Rules

Pick a primary and secondary rider. The combinations must be unique so if you pick Hayden/Nakano, then nobody else can. This is first come, first serve.

1) The player whose primary rider has the highest point total at the end of the season is the winner.

2) In the event of a tie, then, of the tying players, the player whose secondary rider has the highest point total is the winner. However, if a tying player's secondary rider has more points than his primary rider, then that player is disqualified from the tiebreaker.

3) Pool entry ends at 9pm, Thursday 3/8/2006.

4) In the event that these rules do not adequately cover any and all circumstances relating to the MotoGP pool, a neutral party will be called upon for arbitration.

Pool Matrix

Player Primary Rider Secondary Rider Accounting