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(Pool Matrix)
(Pool Matrix)
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  | Rider || Primary || Secondary
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2006 Philadelphia Riders MotoGP Pool

The Rules

We're excluding Rossi from the pool this year in an attempt to make things more vibrant and interesting.

Pick a primary and secondary winner. The combinations need to be unique so if you pick Haden, Nakano, nobody else can. This will be a way to disambiguate and have only one winner.

This is first come, first serve. And remembe your pair must be unique,

Pool Matrix

Rider Primary Secondary
Chris W Nakano Hayden
Chad Hayden Malandri
Dean Pedrosa Hayden
Duran Hayden Nakano
Abe Gibernau Edwards
Jason Gibernau Pedrosa
Andy Gibernau Hopkins
Alessandro Capirossi Melandri
Dave Capirossi Gibernau
Roman Hopkins Gibernau
Steve Gibernau Capirossi
Ed Roberts Jr.
Marc Capirossi
Jared Capirossi
Tom Hayed