Emerging Motorcycles

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There are some exciting motorcycles in development.



The Fischer is an american made prototype sport bike. High end components, small, light, and a mid range vtwin powerplant. Reports claim a Hyosung 650 CC vtwin motor. Initial reports of a liter engine from Rotax have given way to the smaller korean engine. Provided the platform is sufficiently light, this could be a great move!

Press coverage is available from Motorcyclist Online, and Motorcycle Daily. Dead tree coverage has occured in many american magazines as well.

Star Twin


The Thunderstar is a deisel powered 1200cc inline tripple. This is an exciting project because it has impressive power characteristics and outstanding effeciencey claims. This bike has been covered in MCN among other places. Online the Kneeslider has provided coverage.

Images of the bike can be found here. 80bhp and 165

Some impressive claims about the bike include a 450 lbs. weight, 165 ft lbs. of torque, and outstanding 80 bhp (before mapping work) and 150 miles per gallon. Even if they turn out to somewhat less impressive the bike is still worth watching.



Now this bike is neat. A slim innovative design sporting a dual crank v four engine. The cranks rotate in opposing directions to counteract gyroscopic forces. An american bike, and one to watch.

Press includes the Kneeslider, and Twisting Asphalt. Dead tree coverage of the C1 includes a Cycle World cover in 2005. Anyone know what issue that was?


This images from this section were taken at the 2005 international show in NYC.