Philadelphia Riders
2nd Sunday Ride Guidelines

 HOW WE ROLL   The Philadelphia Riders have been taking Second Sunday Rides for 20+ years. It is meant to be a fun day of riding with friends and safety is paramount. For this reason, please read and understand the guidelines below.

  • Please arrive at the meeting spot with a full tank of gas. After breakfast the group will be leaving for the first leg of the ride. We may stop for a 10 minute break at about 50 miles, but then we will be continuing for another 50 miles before we stop for gas and a longer break. Most legs of the ride will be between 50 and 100 miles. If your bike cannot go 100 miles on a tank of gas, please let the ride leader know.
  • Do not make a turn without the rider behind you. After you make a turn, make sure the rider behind you also made the turn. There will be a lot of turns and it is too difficult to stop the entire group at every turn. The ride leader will stop for the entire group every now and then. If the rider behind you fails to show up in a reasonable amount of time, please call the ride leader before turning around to search. The ride leader will pass out his cell phone number at breakfast.
  • Understand the meaning of Ride Your Own Ride. Do not ride faster than you are comfortable. The rider in front of you will be waiting at the next turn. We usually have a sweep rider with the route in his gps. There is no reason to hurry to catch up. If the group gets separated, we will meet at the predetermined lunch stop. Do not ride slower than you are comfortable. If the rider in front of you is going slower than you like, safely pass in a passing zone.
  • It may be necessary for the group to pass other vehicles in front of our ride. This may take some time, especially when there is a large group of riders. Only pass the slow moving vehicle ahead when the rider in front of you has successfully passed. After passing, continue to move ahead so that the rider behind you has enough space to pass, and re-enter the lane, without cutting off the slow moving vehicle.
  • Let someone know if you are leaving the group early. This way we will not end up looking for you.
  • If you need clarification on any of these guidelines, please get it from an experienced 2nd Sunday Rider before participating in a ride.